Oliana jumpsuit in Balboa Park
Oliana jumpsuit in Balboa Park

When it comes to sustainable fashion, the best thing is to avoid buying brand new items, and shop second-hand as much as possible. That being said, we do shop for new items sometimes, and we strive to support companies that are making a positive impact in the fashion community. That's why we love People Tree, a UK-based company that has been selling ethically-sourced, Fair Trade clothing since 1991. Check out our top 3 reasons to love People Tree below:

1. They Care About Their People
The sad reality is that the fashion industry has a notorious history of exploiting it's workers. But People Tree is striving to change that reputation. Since their inception in 1991, People Tree has been committed to doing things right. They are certified by the World Fair Trade Organization to make sure that producers and farmers in their supply chain are fairly compensated. The 10 principles of Fair Trade include transparency and accountability, providing fair pay, equality in the workplace, good working conditions and more.

2. They Care About the Environment
People Tree aims to minimize their impact on the environment by using environmentally-conscious materials, low-impact dyes, and hand-finishing techniques. They also avoid plastic in their packaging as much as possible. Some of their featured fabrics include GOTS certified organic cotton, merino wool, and TENCEL - an innovative new material derived from wood pulp.

3. Their Stylish AF
Most importantly, when it comes to fashion, it's gotta look good! People Tree is a British company, and you know that British people are just effortlessly chic and stylish all the time, right? All of their clothes are really cute, and , and you can't go wrong with some of their Essentials. Check out some of my favorites below: 1. I adore this jumpsuit. 2. Need these vegan trousers. 3,4. And can't decide which of these 100% organic cotton cat tees I like better.

People Tree

One of my favorites is the Oliana jumpsuit in black. I wear it all the time, and it's great to dress up or down. It's super easy and comfortable to put on, and looks great paired with some cool earrings. It's part ninja, part nurse, and I love it!

Oliana jumpsuit in Paris
Oliana jumpsuit in Paris

From cute Active Wear to stylish party dresses, People Tree has got you covered! Click the links below to shop sustainable, ethical fashion today! And if you're looking for a bargain, be sure to check out what's on People Tree Sale.

People Tree
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