A Week With Splendid Spoon – Plant-Based Meal Delivery


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I've been striving to eat healthier these days, but the truth is I'm not much of a cook. I've got a busy schedule and a million things I'm trying to accomplish, so cooking is not a priority for me right now. That's why I was excited to give Splendid Spoon, a plant-based meal delivery service a shot. I've been leaning towards vegetarian eating lately, and have been trying to cut a lot of sugar and dairy from my diet. I figured their meal delivery program would be the perfect way to jumpstart my healthy eating habits. I'm a picky eater, so their tasty menu of easy-to-stomach soups and smoothies really appealed to me.

splendid spoon delivery

I was super excited when my first shipment arrived. The box was pretty heavy, but the company strives to minimize packaging and use recyclable materials. There are some ice packs and cotton insulation to keep the package cool. The soups and smoothies are packaged in BPA free plastic containers and brown paper bags that can easily be recycled. It's not zero waste, but it's not terrible. You can find more detailed instructions about how to recycle the packing on their website.

You can customize what comes in your weekly delivery, but I signed up for The Program 2.0. For $135, you get 5 breakfast smoothies, 5 lunch bowls, and 1 day of soup cleanse. It works out to about $10 per meal. Then I just eat whatever I want for dinner.

I'm super happy with the breakfast smoothies. They look so pretty all together, and it felt good knowing I'd be eating the rainbow this week. I don't usually have a big appetite in the morning, so a smoothie is the perfect way for me to start the day. I loved all the delicious flavors that included lots of healthy fruits, greens, and seasonings that I don't normally eat. The low sugar, protein rich breakfasts were a nourishing way to start my mornings, and help wean me off my sugar cravings.


My First Week on the Cleanse
I liked Splendid Spoon right away because it instantly made my life less stressful. Even though I try to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning, often times I'm running late or forget to grab something on my way out the door. Then I end up having a sugary pastry and latte for breakfast instead - no bueno!

I loved having a nutritious smoothie ready for me to grab every morning. Each day was a little different, and everything was super yummy. It was nice to have the decision made for me, so I didn't need to muster the willpower to make a healthy choice.


Day 1 was great. I loved the Hibiscus Maqui Smoothie and the Cumin Sweet Potato Soup. I was still a little hungry during the day so I supplemented the meals with snacks like a banana, a granola bar, or a couple of tangerines.


Day 2 and the rest of the week was great. It was super convenient to bring the lunch bowls to school and heat them up in the lounge during my lunch break. I felt nourished throughout the day, and felt good knowing I was eating a lot of different foods and nutrients that I don't normally get.


I must confess, the soup cleanse day was a struggle for me. You can choose what flavors you get, so next time I'll choose ones that sound more appealing to me. I dutifully chugged the Celery Plant for breakfast, but it was tough for me. I passed the Beet Balsamic Bisque onto Adam because I couldn't muster the courage to consume it. And I gave up completely on the Red Caggage Borscht and Fennel Consomme! I'm trying to be a better eater, but quite frankly I'm not there yet. I'll avoid those next time.


Overall I'm really happy with my first week with Splendid Spoon. I'm going to try doing it every other week, and see how that goes. That comes to $270 a month for 26 total meals. I look forward to living an easier, healthier, plant-based lifestyle, and I'll keep you posted on how it goes!


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