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Live with sustainability in mind. Our mission at Live to Sustain is to learn and teach sustainability. We explore subjects related to sustainability for the environment, personal sustainability and local sustainability. We take a realistic approach to sustainability. Our aim is not to divide people. We understand that everyone wants to contribute, but may not know how.

Live to Sustain teaches people a realistic approach to sustainability. An approach that everyone can learn. Learn how to be a better version of yourself. Learn how to make daily decisions that benefit you and our environment.

Everyday we make decisions that effect sustainability. The decision to exercise. The decision to eat that less than healthy lunch. The decision to throw our trash away properly. The decision to use less and therefore produce less trash all together.

Its time to stop living passively. Take responsibility for sustainability. Live to Sustain.

Meet Adam & Laura

Adam Cunningham and Laura Weatherbee are everyday citizens who are passionate about creating a sustainable future. We understand that modern life is filled with many tough choices, and choosing the sustainable path is not always easy. That's why we aim to learn as much as possible about sustainable living practices like adopting renewable energy and promoting fair business. By sharing this knowledge, we hope to create meaningful change in our community.