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Learning and Teaching Sustainability

Posts by Laura Weatherbee

California Coast Road Trip Guide

Driving up the California coast is one of the quintessential American road trips that I recommend everyone add to their bucket list. California is an incredibly beautiful state with amazing landscapes that will take your breath away. Adam and I recently went on a 10-night, 11-day road trip up and down the coast of California.…

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Kitchen Renovation Part 4 – The Big Reveal

Are you ready for the big reveal of our kitchen makeover? If you’re not already caught up, be sure to check out: Part 1 – Before + Design Plan Part 2 – Construction Begins Part 3 – Construction Progress and Design Finishes Things were starting to come together by the end of Part 3. The…

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Splendid Spoon: Sharing the Love – $50 Off For You

I’ve been eating Splendid Spoon every other week for the past couple of months, and I’m so happy with how things have been going. I’ve been eating all kinds of different plants and veggies, and getting more nutrition than ever. Plus, I’m losing weight and have saved a ton of time not having to stress…

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All About Straw Bale Building

Image source: Straw bale building is a really cool way of creating buildings using straw bales covered in plaster as walls. This building technique has been used for centuries, but is regaining popularity due to it’s excellent insulation properties and fire resistance. The straw bales are stacked and covered in natural clay to create…

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The Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Today on Live to Sustain we’re learning about the Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine. While modern science has brought remarkable new developments in medicine, our current health care system has been stripped of feeling. Sustainability is about sharing the art of healing, taking time to care for our bodies, and rediscovering our interconnectedness with…

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Designer Dreams and Disillusionment

I’ve made some big changes to my life in the past couple of years. After working as an interior designer in New York City for over a decade, I moved to San Diego in 2017 to start a new career in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. While I will always be passionate about creating beautiful spaces,…

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Paper Towel Free – It’s as Easy as 1,2,3!

When Adam and I moved in together last year, we decided to go paper towel free at home. I was nervous at first because it seemed like a difficult change. I was accustomed to using paper towels regularly as napkins, and to wipe up spills. But actually, it’s been much easier than I thought. Paper…

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7 Easy Restorative Yoga Poses

I love restorative yoga because it feels so good, and literally anyone can do it. These restful, supportive poses help your body relax, and activate your own internal healing system. Here are 7 easy restorative yoga poses you can try anytime:  1. Legs up the Wall Legs up the wall pose is so relaxing and easy…

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