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Learning and Teaching Sustainability


Entry Wall “Slow Design” Makeover

Last year I wrote this post about my decision to leave the interior design industry and embrace “slow design”. That means taking time to let things come together organically instead of rushing around trying to get all-new-everything to create the perfect space. It also means that our home is a work in progress, and I’m…

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Fast Fashion is Not Sustainable.

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS | More Can you believe that about 11 million pounds of textile (clothing, etc) goes to the landfill each year? On average each year in the U.S., we are throwing away 80 pounds of clothing per person. Fast fashion is killing our environment. It is…

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A Colorful Walking Tour of Creative Tijuana

Colorful dancers at Festi Arte in Tijuana. Did you know that the Mexican border is only 20 minutes south of San Diego? You can apply for a SENTRI pass to expedite the drive across the border, otherwise you can expect long wait times to make the crossing. But there is also a pedestrian crossing that…

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Changing the Flower Business – One Bouq at a Time

When it comes to the flower industry, sustainability is a complicated question. For example, flowers imported from the fertile climate of Ecuador may have a smaller carbon footprint than flowers grown in climate-controlled greenhouses in the US. On the one hand, flowers could be considered an expensive waste of water and other natural resources. On…

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The Perfect Time to Meditate

I understand, everyone is busy. I know I know. Finding time to meditate is tough and your days are jam packed with shit to do. The great thing about meditation is that you can do it virtually anywhere. You can meditate while walking, while eating, or while sitting waiting for the bus. My intention is…

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Kitchen Renovation Part 4 – The Big Reveal

Are you ready for the big reveal of our kitchen makeover? If you’re not already caught up, be sure to check out: Part 1 – Before + Design Plan Part 2 – Construction Begins Part 3 – Construction Progress and Design Finishes Things were starting to come together by the end of Part 3. The…

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All About Straw Bale Building

Image source: Straw bale building is a really cool way of creating buildings using straw bales covered in plaster as walls. This building technique has been used for centuries, but is regaining popularity due to it’s excellent insulation properties and fire resistance. The straw bales are stacked and covered in natural clay to create…

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The Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Today on Live to Sustain we’re learning about the Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine. While modern science has brought remarkable new developments in medicine, our current health care system has been stripped of feeling. Sustainability is about sharing the art of healing, taking time to care for our bodies, and rediscovering our interconnectedness with…

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