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Learning and Teaching Sustainability


Our Life on Autoship

Growing up, I idolized Martha Stewart, and I’ve always been obsessed with optimizing the art of home-making. I like the idea of creating an efficient home-life where you always have exactly what you need (no more, no less), and never need to worry about running out. Well now it’s 2019, and Autoship is here to…

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Entry Wall “Slow Design” Makeover

Last year I wrote this post about my decision to leave the interior design industry and embrace “slow design”. That means taking time to let things come together organically instead of rushing around trying to get all-new-everything to create the perfect space. It also means that our home is a work in progress, and I’m…

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IMPORTANT: Wearing the Right Sunscreen

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS | More Wearing the wrong sunscreen could be lethal for you and the natural world. Chemical sunscreens leach into your body and have been found in blood, urine and breast milk. In Hawaii they have gone as far as banning certain sunscreens. The ban is…

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What Does Sustainability Mean?

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS | More What does sustainability mean? Its a complex question with many answers. In today’s episode, Live to Sustain explains in more detail what sustainability means. Sustainability can be broken down into 3 sub-categories: Environmental, Economic, Social. A balance between these “pillars of sustainability” is…

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Talking Sustainability with Aaron Taylor

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS | More We recently sat down with Aaron Taylor to chat about his experience in sustainable fashion. Growing up as a Southern California surfer, he learned at a young age to appreciate the importance of sustainability. We talk about: Sustainable fabrics and sourcing Aaron’s inspiration…

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Reusable Napkins – A Lesson in Patience

At Live to Sustain we advocate for a paper towel free lifestyle. At home Laura and I do not use disposable paper towels. We pieced together a napkin set of about 30 or so cloth napkins. Some were bought at the swap meet for pennies. The rest we found while cleaning out some old stored…

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Changing the Flower Business – One Bouq at a Time

When it comes to the flower industry, sustainability is a complicated question. For example, flowers imported from the fertile climate of Ecuador may have a smaller carbon footprint than flowers grown in climate-controlled greenhouses in the US. On the one hand, flowers could be considered an expensive waste of water and other natural resources. On…

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Create energy as you workout!?

That makes sense, I guess. We workout to energize our bodies. This morning I came across this video at These people are producing a different kind of energy when they workout. Basically, as people grind away on their spin bikes, they produce electricity. Similar to how a wind turbine or solar grids produce power.…

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Kitchen Renovation Part 4 – The Big Reveal

Are you ready for the big reveal of our kitchen makeover? If you’re not already caught up, be sure to check out: Part 1 – Before + Design Plan Part 2 – Construction Begins Part 3 – Construction Progress and Design Finishes Things were starting to come together by the end of Part 3. The…

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