Changing the Flower Business – One Bouq at a Time

When it comes to the flower industry, sustainability is a complicated question. For example, flowers imported from the fertile climate of Ecuador may have a smaller carbon footprint than flowers grown in climate-controlled greenhouses in the US. On the one hand, flowers could be considered an expensive waste of water and other natural resources. On the other hand, they bring so much joy and beauty into the world, and deepen human connections.

The Bouqs is a new flower company that aims to change the flower industry with sustainability in mind. They partner with sustainable, eco-friendly farms from around the world to bring fresh bouquets directly from farm to table. In a typical flower supply chain, pre-cut bouquets may sit in a refrigerator for days only to end up being thrown away. At the Bouqs, all bouquets ordered from the site are cut and shipped the same day, minimizing flower waste, and maximizing freshness.

Need some help choosing a gift? I shopped through the site and picked out some of my favorite bouquets for a variety of different occasions. Take a look:


These lovely wildflower bouquets make a great gift for any occasion. With cheerful, pastel hues they bring a happy, relaxed feel to any space.

Devotion (left)
Pink and purple freesias, grown in California.

R&R (middle)
Bring some sunshine into someone's life with these California-grown sunflowers.

Wild About U (right)
This colorful mix of flowers comes with a succulent that can be replanted. It's a gift that keeps on giving.


Roses are perfect for those classic, elegant occasions like a tea party, or baby shower.

Lavendaria de Cali (left)
These gorgeous lavender roses come from the first sustainable rose farm in the US, which recycles 100% of it's water.

Splendor (right)
Founded by Farmer Juan Puablo, Agrinag is an innovative, profit-sharing farm in Ecuador with over 500 employees.


These dynamic tropical arrangements would look stunning in a sleek, modern setting.

Mai Tai (left)
Based in Ecuador, Farmer Maria and her 180 employees are working to protect the Amazon jungle by preserving native species in threat of extinction. This gorgeous bouquet comes with palm leaves, pink and white ginger, and mini pineapples!

Spotlight (middle)
Sometimes less is more when it comes to flower arrangements. This all-white bouquet of California-grown Asiatic lilies will be sure to impress. Great for a wedding or graduation.

Maui (right)
Farmer Jerry is a 14th generation farmer and expert in orchids. This stunning double-stemmed orchid comes in a biodegradable pot.

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