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Coconut Bliss

Product Name: Coconut Bliss

Product Description: Why Bliss? “When people ask us how we came up with Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss we’d like to say that we are entrepreneurial geniuses, but the truth is much humbler. We just wanted a dairy-free ice cream that tasted as good as it made us feel.” – Larry Kaplowitz, CofounderInspired by the many uses of coconut milk in other cuisines, Luna and Larry decided to try it as a base for ice cream. Working with a simple, hand-crank ice cream maker, they came up with the perfect recipe: organic coconut milk sweetened with agave. They began to play with unique flavor combinations, sharing their new creations with friends and building a dedicated following. Their vision for a great tasting dairy-free, gluten-free ice cream, made with the highest quality organic ingredients, is our daily inspiration.

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Sustainability is clearly part of the mission and mindset at Coconut Bliss. They are open and transparent about how they operate and the effect that has on our environment. They go as far as creating and making available to the public an annual sustainability report. You can find that at their website. Or by clicking here


Sustainability Certifications

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