Create energy as you workout!?

leaf magic

That makes sense, I guess. We workout to energize our bodies. This morning I came across this video at These people are producing a different kind of energy when they workout. Basically, as people grind away on their spin bikes, they produce electricity. Similar to how a wind turbine or solar grids produce power. If you dont know what a spin bike is, watch the video. One statistic in the video said that gyms such as these can reduce their carbon footprint to 10% of the average gym.

Imagine if more of our human activity generated or replaced power as we went. What if trains generated their own energy? What if elevators generated energy as they slid floor to floor.

There appears to be people already working on such ideas. My hope is we continue to build incentives into our economies that will motivate companies to pursue these innovative technologies. If government subsidies continue to stream away from renewable and green energy, then companies trying to produce green tech will be at a disadvantage. It will take longer for green technology to take hold and become mainstream.

Support sustainable business. Live to Sustain!

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