Did you Live to Sustain today?


What have you done today to be more sustainable? This is not intended to make anyone feel bad about themselves. I just want to get people thinking about the ways they contribute to sustainability each day.

Remember, it is not only about recycling and saving the planet. Sustainability is about you too. Its also about your family and your community.

Easy Sustainable Actions

  1. Go for a walk

    This may sound simple enough, but going for a walk after spending a long day sitting is great for the body. Get your Qi flowing with a quick walk around the block. Walking is also great for clearing your head. Oxygen to the brain helps loosen up our congested thoughts. A simple walk is an easy way to keep your mind and body sustaining. Get to it!

  2. Meditate

    I know most people are still not comfortable with the idea of meditation, but I can't emphasize enough how powerful meditation can be for sustaining your mind and body. Start small. Even 10 minutes a day can have a lasting effect.

  3. Buy better products

    We buy lots of goods everyday. Most of us make purchase decisions based on convenience. Take a little extra time to think about the product and the brand you are buying. For example, avoiding buying a single-use coffee cup every morning can have a drastic effect on our overall global waste build up. Avoiding that extra can of soda can have a huge impact on your personal health.

  4. Be nice to people

    As you go about your day, go out of your way to make someone else smile. It can make their day and be very rewarding for you. These sorts of actions have a sort of exponential effect. As each person you have touched hopefully spreads the cheer to others.


I know these all sound very basic but its the small things that count. Do each of these every day and try and tell me you haven't noticed a change in yourself and in others around you. Sustainability sometimes means taking only a few extra minutes to consider your actions. Get to it!



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