Eliminating Straws! Go Strawless


Live to Sustain is eliminating straws! The strawless movement is gaining traction and we want to help move it forward. In the spirit of promoting others and helping you learn some straw knowledge, we have compiled as much straw information as you can handle.

  1. For a Strawless Ocean

    Stop sucking, as this organization has put it. They appear to have a sense of humor about their movement, but are very serious about eliminating straws!

  2. Why a Strawless Ocean?

    For a look into the motivation behind a Strawless Ocean, you can read this interview from Forbes. Adrian Grenier answers questions about starting the Lonely Whale Foundation.

  3. Complete the Circle: Lonely Whale Foundation

    To be sure you are fully knowledgable by the time you finish this article, I have provided another link to the Lonely Whale Foundation. By now you should know all you need to about this particular movement.

  4. Paper Straws?

    I personally have not tried paper straws but am very open to the idea. I also am open to no straws at all. While I appreciate less plastic waste. I wonder if replacing one trash with another is a sustainable approach. I support any movement that moves us in the right direction.

  5. Ocean Generation

    Growing up in Southern California, I have been very lucky to have beaches at my disposal my entire life. I am very much part of the Ocean Generation. I love my ocean. I have spent countless hours floating in its beauty. I have been healed by the ocean. Its time we give back to our ocean and clean her up.


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