From Trash To Treasure – Refurbished Adirondack Chairs

adirondack chairs 1

When we first purchased Gingerhawk, our property in Washington State, the previous owners left behind these charming Adirondack chairs. While they've got a beautiful shape, they were in pretty rough condition after sitting outside exposed to the elements for nearly two years. The wood was weathered and splintering, and the chairs were wobbling at every joint. Check out how we rehabbed these old chairs to make them look brand new. It was a fun and easy project that involved the whole family - even my mom helped out.

adirondack chairs 2

First Adam came in with a drill and reinforced all the joints with screws until the chairs stopped wobbling. Then we sanded the chairs by hand with a little sandpaper - nothing fancy. A little goes a long way. We sanded very lightly to get rid of any pointy bits, but we didn't scrub them down super hard or anything.

adirondack chairs 3

After that, we painted them with an outdoor stain and sealer to give them a dark mocha color. We applied the stain with paint brushes, and were careful to get in all the nooks and crannies. We flipped the chairs upside down to get the bottom side.

adirondack chairs 7
adirondack chairs 6
adirondack chairs 5

Last but not least, we applied a clear protective seal to give the chairs one more layer of protection and prevent the dark stain from getting on clothing.

adirondack chairs 4

We let them air out in the sun for a couple days to make sure they were super dry before moving them or sitting in them.

adirondack chairs 8

Now these raggedy old chairs have found new life on the back deck of the house. Aren't they just perfect? We are so happy with how they turned out, and hope they get loved and sat in for many years to come.

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