Gingerhawk Bath House Tour And The Amazing Health Benefits Of Saunas


One of the things that makes Gingerhawk Mountain Retreat so special is that it has a lovely little bath house with a dry sauna. We want Gingerhawk to be a place where people come to relax and rejuvenate - to restore their bodies, minds, and souls. The health benefits of dry saunas are pretty impressive, and our cozy sauna features a beautiful forest view. Before we take a little tour of the bath house, let's talk about the health benefits of sauna bathing.

The Health Benefits of Saunas
Not only are sauna sessions warming and relaxing, there are numerous health benefits to enjoy as well. Saunas increase blood circulation to the skin, and help your body detox by removing toxins through sweat. The skin could be considered the "third kidney", and its large surface area allows for maximal detoxing capabilities. You could sweat out up to a pint in a short session, so it's important to be hydrated before you enter the sauna and follow up with several glasses of water after you exit. Other benefits include improved cardiovascular function, pain reduction and better sleep.

Saunas are good for:
- Detoxification
- Increased Circulation
- Skin Rejuvenation
- Improved Cardiovascular Function
- Pain Reduction
- Relaxation
- Better Sleep

Just remember to be careful. Limit your sessions to 15-20 minutes, and have plenty of water on hand to prevent dehydration. Avoid alcohol consumption, and don't go in the sauna if you are not feeling well. Step out if you need to, and take your time to cool down slowly. We are so excited about the sauna at Gingerhawk and hope that many people are able to enjoy its healing benefits. Now let's go take a look:


This is the hallway leading towards the dry sauna. We kept the finishes in here consistent with the main house - knotty alder framing the windows and vinyl flooring. Eventually that door out back will lead to a little deck, but we didn't have the budget to complete that right now. My dream would be to have a little hot tub out there as well, but I'm worried the maintenance would be too much work.


This door leads to the sink, shower, and toilet area. We still need to hang all the finishing accessories like mirror and towel bars, but this bathroom will have two sink areas, two private toilet cubbies, and a spacious shower and changing area. It's just a regular shower right now, but we'd love to convert it to a steam shower in the future to make this bathhouse the full spa experience.


We kept the same finishes from the primary bathroom in the main house - marble-look porcelain tile on the walls and river rocks for the floor. The changing area will have a bench and some hooks to hang your clothing and towels.


There are two little toilet rooms in the bath house.


And now, saving the best for last, let's go look at the sauna.


Oh yeah this is real cozy. We need to get a picture of the big window on the left, but it looks straight into the forest. We also need to get a little exterior light so you can see into the forest at night. This is the perfect place to warm up from those chilly Washington nights. Let us know what you think - do you love it? Are you a fan of saunas?

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