Gingerhawk Construction Update – March 2020


Hey friends - it's been awhile since we last gave an update on the progress of Gingerhawk, our retreat property in Washington State. Progress has been a little slow over the winter months due to the weather conditions, but things are warming up and hopefully we'll be in full swing again. Let's check in and see how it's coming along.

The roofing is complete, and the doors and windows have been installed. That means the house is more or less sealed up and ready to withstand those winter storms. It's looking so cute now - like a real-life gingerbread house!


On the interior, the fireplace has been framed out, and we ordered a gas fireplace unit from Armstrong's Stove and Spa. I'm super excited about this as it will be a focal point of the house. It's going to be a big, grand fireplace with stonework above. I look forward to gathering around the fireplace with friends and loved ones, and sharing this amazing space with others.


The doors and windows are in place. Things are looking good. We're also making progress on the bath house. Can't wait to enjoy the sauna!


The siding is going up soon, and we're getting closer to the finish line. We're thinking of painting the house a grey-blue. Stay tuned for more updates coming in the next few months! Thanks to JT Custom Homes for working hard to build our dream home.

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