Gingerhawk Main House First Look


After months of anticipation, we're finally ready to give you a sneak peek into the main house at Gingerhawk. This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home has been under construction for over a year, and the finish line is finally in sight. The main house is basically done with a few minor fixes that our contractor Thad will be finishing up very soon. I hesitate to say we are 100% done because it will take some time for the home to feel really complete and lived in. The former interior designer in me can't help but focus on all the imperfections and little things I'd like to change. And there are some finishing details we had to cut out because we simply didn't have the budget. Eventually we'll need to get the place styled out and professionally photographed so that we can list it for rental. But in the meantime, check out these pics we took ourselves while we there in September.

Gingerhawk Main House 1

We've got an open concept floor plan, and the entry leads into the great room with kitchen, dining area, and living area. The kitchen is big and spacious with a large island and shaker-style cabinets. We ordered some beautiful leather counter stools that haven't arrived yet, so that will add additional seating and help make this entryway feel a bit more complete.

Gingerhawk Main House 2

We spent a month up here testing out the kitchen and getting it stocked up with all the dishes and cups and cookware that will be needed. Functionally, it works really well and will be especially nice for whipping up big family meals like Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Again, we still need to add the counter stools here to finish the look.

Gingerhawk Main House 3

The ginormous sectional sofa in the living area is from Pottery Barn and it is so cozy. It's the perfect gathering space for people to lounge and enjoy the warm fireplace and gorgeous mountain views.

Gingerhawk Main House 4

The large dining table seats 10 people (or 12 if you really squeeze) and is topped with a two-tiered wagon wheel chandelier. I call it the "Game of Thrones" chandelier because it's epic and looks like something out of a medieval fantasy.

Gingerhawk Main House 5

The stone fireplace is grand and stately, but it's a little bigger than we anticipated. It is too high to mount a TV above, and unfortunately we had to have it redone. I'm not really sure how this happened since we never explicitly discussed the height of the fireplace. It will cost a significant amount of money to take down the stonework and fix it up again at a lower height. This was a bummer, but we felt that a TV was important to make this home super comfortable for family gatherings.

Gingerhawk Main House 6
Gingerhawk Main House 7

Here's a view of the great room from the loft above. You can see that the living and dining areas have big sliding doors that open onto the deck. When the weather is nice, the deck is practically another living space with plenty of additional room for seating and hanging out. We put a couple of simple outdoor tables here for now, but would love to furnish it more completely in the future.

Gingerhawk Main House 8
Gingerhawk Main House 9

The loft above is also a work in progress. It's basically empty right now, and we haven't decided how best to use this space. There are a couple of mattresses on the floor for now in case guests would like to stay here, but we'd love to add some low lounge-y furniture and possibly an entertainment center.

Gingerhawk Main House 10

Moving into the primary bedroom, the pretty forest views are the star of the show. We still want to add more artwork in this room to give it some character and make it feel more cozy.

Gingerhawk Main House 11
Gingerhawk Main House 12

We refurbished some Adirondack chairs that the previous owners had left behind, and they are perfect for back deck lounging. Each of the 3 bedrooms opens onto the back porch, and eventually we'll add more seating to these areas as well.

Gingerhawk Main House 13

We call the primary bathroom a "spa" bathroom because it features a steam shower and super deep soaking tub that fits two. The steam shower is so nice, especially on a chilly day. It helps to clear your sinuses and helps you start the day feeling super warm and toasty.

Gingerhawk Main House 14
Gingerhawk Main House 15

One of the two guest rooms features a queen-size bed and is really comfy and inviting. My dad was an avid wildlife art collector and he passed away three years ago. The deer painting above the bed was one of the first pieces he ever bought.

Gingerhawk Main House 16

The second guest room is called the bunk room, and is still a work in progress. We wanted to go all out with custom wood bunk beds, but we topped out on our budget. We put some inexpensive bunk beds in here for now, and have another set coming. It feels a little sparse at the moment, but eventually a rug and some artwork will help cozy this room up.

Gingerhawk Main House 17

The second bathroom gets plenty of natural light, and features warm wood cabinetry.

Gingerhawk Main House 18
Gingerhawk Main House 19

And last but not least, we've got the laundry/utility room. This isn't too exciting to look at, but it makes the house nice and functional. We keep all the cleaning supplies here, linens and towels, and a brand new washer and dryer for getting the laundry done.

Gingerhawk Main House 20

So that's where things stand for now. As we mentioned, the contractor is currently working on a few fixes and finishing touches. Here's a peek at how things are coming along. The added railing around the front porch looks really nice. And the fireplace is in the process of getting remodeled. Stay tuned for more updates!


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