I Bet We Agree on More Than You Think

paris rue

The right and left wings of the US need to start working together. Together they can bring balance back to this country. Everyday I read in the news about issues we should all be fighting over. Lately the stories about Kavanaugh are gobbling up every headline. People are sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the next piece of the Kavanaugh story to drop. I am one of them.

All I really want though is the truth. This is what we should all be after. It is not about party lines. It is about the truth. I keep reading about how the Dems are doing this and the GOP is doing that. Why are politicians pointing fingers across the isle and blaming each other for the failings of the government as a whole? It is a group effort.

I love my country, but I am pissed off that the people we elect can't find middle ground from which to move forward. Partisan politics is ruining this country. For the love of country, please stop the greed motivated partisan politics that is shredding citizen confidence in the US.

What do we all really want in life? In short, happiness, right? Which I see as the sum of having a comfortable home to live in, a healthy family, getting an education, having enough money to live on and enjoy leisure time without going broke or being fired from our jobs and comfort in knowing we can retire early enough to still enjoy the last decades of our lives.

In the spirit of helping us all move forward, I have a suggestion that can absolutely bring balance back to this country.

My suggestion is for you to reach out to someone who you know you already disagree with about some current affair. Maybe the two of you disagree about how Trump is handling his presidency. Maybe you disagree about the handling of the Kavanaugh confirmation. It does not matter what you disagree about, chances are you can find something to disagree on with someone, as we are all very good at that these days.

BUT, here is the real challenge. When you reach out to this person you are to find common ground. Find something you agree on. Start really simple. For example, it could be something as silly as what foods you like. It could even be that you both love sports. Or maybe you both want to have children. Or maybe you have both tried to have children, but have not for one reason or another.

Do this and I guarantee you will find that you relate more with your “enemies” than you thought.

Start looking for how it is that you relate to others as opposed to how you differ.

I too will reach out to people who I disagree with and find common ground. I will share these experiences with you after each encounter.

Share your "common ground experiences” with us. Tell us what you discovered about someone who you never thought you could agree with.

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