Interview with Two Ponds Farm. From NYC to Wisconsin.

Have you ever wanted to leave the city to live in the country? Matt and Marissa of Two Ponds Farm did just that when they left New York City for a simpler life on over 60 acres in central Wisconsin. In our interview we learn about why they made the move, how they grow their own food, how much food are they able to produce and other sustainability topics.

During our interview with Matt and Marissa we discovered that "farm life" is really one big venture in sustainability. Firstly, working with animals and the cycles of the seasons while growing food requires constant mindfulness.  Getting in touch with nature by tending to animals and plants is one very great way to learn sustainability. Secondly, eating fresh foods produced and harvested on your own farm is sustainable. The food has much less of a carbon footprint because it is not being shipped to stores and customers, and eating whole foods is much healthier than processed foods found at the grocery store.

Listen in to learn a bit about life on a farm in central Wisconsin. Would you do it? Where do you want to build your dream home or ideal lifestyle? What is your ideal lifestyle. Tell us!

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