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adam sedona

Recently, I have developed what I have been jokingly referring to as sustain-o-brain. Most of my day is spent thinking about sustainability. Everything I do gets the sustainability examination. For example, on a recent fishing trip to the McCloud river, I kept wondering how much of an impact us fisherman are having on the waters we fish. I wondered if every fisherman was walking upstream thinking about sustainability. How could you not, I thought? The scenery is beautiful, and parts of the river require catching and releasing fish and that we use barbless hooks. With these rules in place, it would seem you would be forced to think about sustainability. Then again, not everyone thinks the same.

Another example of me sustain-o-brain’n was on this same trip as I drove along Interstate 5. If you have ever driven the 5 north of Los Angeles you know that the landscape is flat and there is agriculture as far as the eye can see. Remember, California is the top food producer in the United States. Driving along the highway there were tons of crop dusting planes flying overhead dusting the plants and trees that lined the highway. This was an easy lure to get me thinking about sustainability. Actually, I felt very overwhelmed driving past mile after mile of farmland.

How do people passionate about sustainability have meaningful impact when they are standing up to massive industries like agriculture?

How do people passionate about sustainability have meaningful impact when they start to feel overwhelmed with the realization that the sustainability battle has to be fought on countless fronts? River preservation, agriculture, clothing manufacturing, single use plastic, you get the picture.

The more I learn the bigger this sustainability thing keeps growing.

The truth is though, I feel more inspired than ever to push forward and fight the sustainability fight. Those moments of feeling overwhelmed are motivation for me to help the sustainability movement along.

We need more passionate people to join the cause. You don't have to feel overwhelmed. No one is fighting this fight alone. There are tons of us out there getting the ball moving. Join us!

Sustainability needs more people willing to learn about sustainability and make decisions guided by sustainability. Even if we all make incremental improvements everyday. Those small changes accumulate to a tipping point. Keep up the fight and the tides will turn.

Sustainability is all around us. We have opportunities everyday to make an impact.

How will you Live to Sustain today?

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