Live to Sustain’s Summer Tips


BBQ'n Tips:

Throwing a party can be hectic. You want to have all your friends over and you want to host them as best you can, but you dont want to spend the whole time prepping and cleaning. I get it. Even then we need to be mindful of our sustainability habits. Here are some tips for staying sustainable during your summer parties.


  1. Reusable party-ware: Buy plates and cups and other party ware that you can reuse over and over. Rather than buy plastic plates for single use. I know I know, cleaning a ton of dishes is not fun. I also wonder if using water to clean so many dishes is just as unsustainable as using paper plates you can throw away. To be determined.
  2. Biodegradable ware: If reusable dishes are not an option. Use biodegradable ware. Biodegradable ware will compost.
  3. Local is sustainable: Buy local produce. And even if you may have to buy in bulk, maintain those organic values. Support organic produce.
  4. Recycle: As always, recycle all those empties.
  5. Don't over cook: Most of the time we cook a ton of food in advance and end up with too many leftovers. Some of those leftovers will be eaten, but most will be thrown away. Its not a perfect science, but we can try to waste less.

Sun Bathing Tips:

Get that Vitamin D, but dont over do it. Skin cancer is a real threat. When you are in the sun use sunblocks that are not made with toxic chemicals. Those chemicals are bad for you and bad for the environment.

In an effort to not write the content twice and to give credit where its due, I am going share some links to sunscreen content.

  1. Wellness mama has some detailed information. You should leave this page knowing more than enough to keep your skin safe this summer.
  2. EWG makes it their mission to provide educational information about sun safety.
  3. Organic Authority has a nice table that gives you a glance at different sunscreen chemicals. Its worth knowing.

Sunscreen is also a threat to the environment. When the sunblock is washed off our skin as we play in the ocean or river, the chemicals in the sunblock are absorbed into the surrounding environment. For example, oxybenzone, a common sunscreen ingredient, is a hormone disruptor and is also known to cause damage to coral.

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