Meditate! It’s eff’n great!

adam meditates

Towards the end of 2017, after some dabbling with meditation, I decided to give it a whole hearted effort.

My venture into meditation started as a way to help myself de-stress after a tough day. I needed a way to calm myself down. If I let too many stress filled days pile up without breaking them up with some "me time" or meditation, I was liable to become a grumpy asshole. Beyond hoping to improve my interpersonal communication, I really just wanted to be healthier. Living stressed out isn't conducive to healthy mind and body. Its not conducive to a sustainable me.

I decided to jump headfirst into meditation. I wanted to truly immerse myself in the practice and get past the stress. I wanted to completely rid my life of stress. I wanted to be happier and healthier. I wanted to be a better version of me.

Soooo... Here I am reporting on my progress for the first time.

I have meditated everyday for 60+ days for an average of about 25 minutes per day, and I feel amazing. I can truly feel the positive affect meditation has had on my body. I am more tuned into my bodies rhythm and notice the subtle heart rate changes before they get the best of me.  I am now at a point where a few breathes will quickly bring me back to an even heart rate. I am in control!

Like anything, it has taken an effort to develop a habit of regular meditation. Now that I am more than 60 days into consistent meditation it has become part of my list of my daily "necessities". Right alongside eating and sleeping.

Give meditation a try. There are a ton of guides on meditation. Start at a level that you are comfortable with.

I am glad to answer any questions. I sure am no expert, but if you need a positive push in the direction of meditation, let me know. I would love to help.


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