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Growing up, I idolized Martha Stewart, and I've always been obsessed with optimizing the art of home-making. I like the idea of creating an efficient home-life where you always have exactly what you need (no more, no less), and never need to worry about running out. Well now it's 2019, and Autoship is here to save the day! There are certain household items that I know we will always need on a regular basis like toilet paper, cat food, cleaning supplies etc. By ordering your products in bulk online, you'll save time, money, worry and headache. We try to order from companies that have sustainability in mind, minimal packaging, and eco-friendly products. Keep reading to learn more about some of the essentials that we have on Autoship.


Toilet Paper

Getting your toilet paper on Autoship is a no-brainer. You never want to run out of TP at a critical moment. We love Who Gives a Crap toilet paper because it is made with eco-friendly bamboo. (Click here for $10 off your first order. ) That means that no trees were harmed so you could wipe your butt! Plus they are a B-corporation that donates 50% of their profits to building toilets for people in need. We love businesses with a higher purpose, and that's a mission we can definitely get behind. As an added bonus, the rolls are wrapped in stylish, colorful paper and they come shipped in a big cardboard box with no plastic packaging. We've found that 48 rolls lasts the two of us about 5 months.
What: 48 rolls of 100% recycled 3-ply toilet paper
How Often: Every 20 weeks
Cost: $51.48 per shipment (free shipping, tax included)
Click here for $10 off your first order. 


Cat Food

We have two sweet cats named Smokey and Bandit, and we are completely obsessed with them. We want them to live long, healthy lives so we aim to feed them the best quality pet food. That's why we love Earthborn Holistic wet foods which are grain-free, and loaded with healthy cuts of animal proteins and nutritious veggies and fruits. We have an Autoship set up with chewy.com, and it works out great. Every 8 weeks, we receive 3 cases of wet food for our girls. Each case comes with 24 cans, so that's 72 cans total. The girls split one can a day, along with dry food, and now we never have to worry about running out. No more late night runs to the pet store, or the girls going hungry. We're still perfecting the timing, but you can change or adjust your Autoship at any time. We usually do a mix of chicken and fish flavors, but you can easily make changes to your order. Shipping is free, and everything arrives in a cardboard box with no unnecessary plastic packaging.
What: 3 cases of wet food
How Often: Every 8 weeks
Cost: $123.35 per shipment (free shipping, tax included)


Soda Stream

I don't know about you, but we're soda water crazy over in this household. There's just something about bubbly soda water that makes it so much more refreshing and satisfying than boring old regular water. Growing up, I drank all kinds of soda on a daily basis: Coke, Root Beer, Mountain Dew, etc. Even now sometimes I can slip into bad habits because I crave that sweet sweet soda water. For awhile, Adam and I were LaCroix junkies. At least it's a big improvement over regular sodas loaded with sugar and high fructose corn syrup. But still, LaCroix's can get expensive, and all of those aluminum cans are unnecessarily wasteful - even if they can be recycled. And that's where Soda Stream comes in! You can make your own fizzy water at home, and the canisters can be sent in for recycling - minimizing waste, and maximizing deliciousness. I like to add in a splash of fruit juice to my soda water to make it extra tasty. We recently signed up for Soda Stream's gas exchange service. When you order new cylinders, they will send you a UPS label to return your used ones in the same box. There is a reduced shipping charge for orders of 2 or more cylinders, and you will be charged $15 + tax for every cylinder that is not returned within 30 days. We just started this program, and we're still perfecting the timing. But so far it's more convenient than going to the hardware store for a new cylinder every time we run out.
What: 2 60L Soda Stream Cylinders
How Often: Once a month
Cost: $40.29 per shipment (including tax and shipping)


Dishwasher Pods

We cook most meals at home, and we run our dishwasher just about every day. It's a total lifesaver! You could make an argument for using regular powdered dish detergent, but we find that the pre-packaged pods save a lot of hassle. But there's been times when we ran out of dishwasher pods and forgot to buy new ones for several days. Then the dirty dishes start to pile up and the kitchen gets pretty messy. That's why we set up an Autoship with Dropps for our dishwashing needs. We like Dropps because they are the eco-friendly dishwasher pods. They are non-toxic and plastic-free with no unnecessary fillers or dyes. Plus they ship carbon neutral in a cute little box. I was confused when I ordered my first package of 64 pods because the box was so small. I was like, "This can't possibly be the dishwasher pods I ordered." But it was! They arrived in a petite cardboard box and are packed compactly and efficiently. We've only ordered one package so far to see how we like them, but so far so great. You'll save 20% when you subscribe - not a bad deal!
What: 64 pack of dishwasher pods
How Often: Every 8 weeks
Cost: $16.00 per shipment with subscription (including tax and shipping)

So that's our Autoship list for now, but I'm sure it will expand as we get more accustomed to our household needs. What do you have on Autoship? What are some of the items that you can't live without?


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