10 Delicious Black-Owned Restaurants in San Diego

By Laura Weatherbee | June 5, 2020

From Jamaican jerk to Southern soul food, vegan breakfast sandwiches and authentic East African cuisine, check out these tasty spots featuring flavors from around the world: 1. Street Car Merchants – Family-owned and operated Southern chicken joint and bar in North Park. Image via Street Car Merchants 2. Surf and Soul Spot – Soulful comfort…

Planting a Drought Resistant Lawn Part 2 – Hello New Plants

By Laura Weatherbee | May 29, 2020

A few weeks ago we shared Part 1 of our plans to replace our grass lawn with drought resistant plants. We recently moved into a new house and discovered that the sprinkler system used to water the grass was a huge waste of water. So Adam spearheaded the effort to redo our landscaping. Let’s catch…

Resources for Pregnant Mamas-to-be – How I Prepared for Childbirth

By Laura Weatherbee | May 26, 2020

Before getting pregnant, I knew very little about babies. I’d barely spent any time around them, and I’d never once changed a diaper. I didn’t really think too much about giving birth in the early stages of pregnancy, but I actually started to get pretty scared and nervous towards the end. Fortunately, everything turned out…

Planting a Drought Resistant Lawn Part 1 – Goodbye Grass

By Laura Weatherbee | May 13, 2020

We recently moved into a new home and are so excited to have our very own yard! For most of our adult lives, Adam and I have lived in apartments or shared spaces so we’ve never been responsible for maintaining a lawn before. Well we were in for a big surprise when we got our…

Hawthorn’s Birth Story – Our First Baby

By Laura Weatherbee | May 9, 2020

Me at 31 weeks pregnant. Photo by Lovers of Love Photography. It Begins For the most part, I loved being pregnant. I had dreamed of having a baby for years, and at 38 years old, I was so happy it was finally happening. But by Week 38, I was definitely ready for it to be…

6 Easy and Delicious Recipes for my Favorite Baked Treats

By Laura Weatherbee | April 18, 2020

We’ve been on COVID-19 quarantine for 36 days now, and doing our best to make the most of it. Baking has been one of the activities I’ve enjoyed the most these past few weeks, and I wanted to share some of my favorite recipes with you. From fudgy brownies to tangy lemon bars, these are…

Greenya Colada Smoothie Recipe

By Laura Weatherbee | March 22, 2020

If you hate vegetables, but love tropical cocktails, then we’ve got the perfect smoothie recipe for you to get your greens in. This delicious recipe was invented by my brother-in-law, Marco, so we call it the Marco Special around our house. But a more descriptive title would be the Greenya Colada. It combines the delicious,…

Gingerhawk Construction Update – March 2020

By Laura Weatherbee | March 9, 2020

Hey friends – it’s been awhile since we last gave an update on the progress of Gingerhawk, our retreat property in Washington State. Progress has been a little slow over the winter months due to the weather conditions, but things are warming up and hopefully we’ll be in full swing again. Let’s check in and…

Life Update – What’s New in 2020

By Laura Weatherbee | February 16, 2020

Hey friends – Happy New Year! It’s a new decade, and the Year of the Rat according to the Chinese lunar calendar. We’ve been pretty quiet lately on the blog and social media as we’ve been super busy with some major life changes lately. But we thought we’d check in and fill you in on…

Our Life on Autoship

By Laura Weatherbee | December 4, 2019

Growing up, I idolized Martha Stewart, and I’ve always been obsessed with optimizing the art of home-making. I like the idea of creating an efficient home-life where you always have exactly what you need (no more, no less), and never need to worry about running out. Well now it’s 2019, and Autoship is here to…

Live with sustainability in mind. Our mission at Live to Sustain is to learn and teach sustainability. We explore subjects related to sustainability for the environment, personal sustainability and local sustainability. We take a realistic approach to sustainability. Our aim is not to divide people. We understand that everyone wants to contribute, but may not know how.


Meet Adam & Laura

Adam Cunningham and Laura Weatherbee are everyday citizens who are passionate about creating a sustainable future. We understand that modern life is filled with many tough choices, and choosing the sustainable path is not always easy. That's why we aim to learn as much as possible about sustainable living practices like adopting renewable energy and promoting fair business. By sharing this knowledge, we hope to create meaningful change in our community.

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Learning Green Products

By Adam Cunningham | March 11, 2018

Start buying better products! Here are some resources I discovered when researching sustainable products. Spending a few minutes each week reading articles about the latest sustainable products is an easy way to learn more about sustainability. Click each heading below to learn a bit more about sustainable products. Zero Waste…

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A Week With Splendid Spoon – Plant-Based Meal Delivery

By Laura Weatherbee | March 11, 2018

***As Ambassadors of Splendid Spoon, we want to share the love with you! Use this link to get $50 off your first order of the “1-Month Starter” or “9 to 5 Boxes” with Splendid Spoon.*** I’ve been striving to eat healthier these days, but the truth is I’m not much of a cook.…

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Buy B Corps

By Adam Cunningham | March 11, 2018

A big part of my hope for Live to Sustain is that we can have a positive impact on peoples purchase habits. I want to promote companies that are interested in making the world better. This is why I buy B Corps. Taken directly from the B Corporation website https://www.bcorporation.net/what-are-b-corps, here…

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