What Does Sustainability Mean?

What does sustainability mean? Its a complex question with many answers. In today's episode, Live to Sustain explains in more detail what sustainability means. Sustainability can be broken down into 3 sub-categories: Environmental, Economic, Social. A balance between these "pillars of sustainability" is required for a sustainable future.

Laura and Adam chat about some of the inspiration behind Live to Sustain. "We are two real people taking a realistic approach to sustainability. Join us as we learn and teach sustainability."

How are you sustainable? What do you do each day to be more sustainable? Its ok if you do not know. You are not alone. Most people are not even sure what sustainability means. Exactly why you should listen to this episode. At the end of the episode Live to Sustain shares 4 pointer for how to be sustainable everyday.

The University of Alberta Office of Sustainability has a very well put together explanation of sustainability. Below are definitions of the three pillars of sustainability directly from the University of Alberta website. There write up is one of the best I have seen. Its clear and details the recent history of sustainability.

"Environmental Sustainability: Ecological integrity is maintained, all of earth’s environmental systems are kept in balance while natural resources within them are consumed by humans at a rate where they are able to replenish themselves.

Economic Sustainability: Human communities across the globe are able to maintain their independence and have access to the resources that they require, financial and other, to meet their needs. Economic systems are intact and activities are available to everyone, such as secure sources of livelihood.

Social Sustainability: Universal human rights and basic necessities are attainable by all people, who have access to enough resources in order to keep their families and communities healthy and secure. Healthy communities have just leaders who ensure personal, labour and cultural rights are respected and all people are protected from discrimination."

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