Protected Bike Lanes

According to the 2015 Urban Mobility Scorecard, in 2014, congestion caused 6.9 billion hours of travel delay and 3.1 billion gallons of wasted fuel, equaling a cost of more than $160 billion.

Put another way, our cities need to build infrastructure that supports alternatives to commuting in cars. We need better public transportation and we need protected bike lanes.

In San Diego, our city has a Master Plan for "making cycling a more practical and convenient transportation option for a wide variety of San Diegans". However, it seems most of the plans are behind schedule and people are pushing back about removing parking to add bike lanes. In downtown, there is a Downtown Mobility Plan underway that will add 9 miles of protected bike lanes to downtown San Diego. For details about that project see this report.

For some interesting statistics about biking, see They are a national bike advocacy group that supports projects around the U.S. that bring "safer places to ride for both children and adults."

Listen to our short podcast, above, for a quick discussion on bike lanes.

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