Road Trip Meal Plans

Traveling and eating right is a real challenge. It is especially tough if you are road tripping and not 100% sure where your trip will take you next.

At Live to Sustain we love to road trip. We have tons of hours on the road driving all over the western US. We have driven through California, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Oregon. In our experience, if you do not buy groceries in advance, its difficult to find good healthy food when you are driving through remote countrysides or camping in out of the way places.


6 Easy & Sustainable Road Trip Meals

We have put together meal plans that are easy to manage and easy to make while on the road, but that also keep you satiated and healthy. 

Pre-make any of these meals to make it easy to eat on the go. Add sides like apple sauce and Mamma Chia squeeze packs. Or some fruits like oranges and apples. All of these ingredients can be stored in your vehicle, or in a cooler. We typically try to buy items that do not require ice. However, in the summer that is un-avoidable. Store your food in insulated containers and water tight dry bags. This way melted ice does not ruin your food.

PB&Honey Sandwich

2 slices locally made sourdough bread

1 drizzle local organic honey

Snack Attack

1 cup favorite nuts
1 Mamma Chia Squeeze
1 slice of cheese
1 slice sourdough
1 banana or apple

Avo & Cheese Sandwich

2 slices sourdough
1 slice pepper jack cheese
1/2 an avocado
1 drizzle olive oil

Fruit & Granola

Banana or Apple
1/2 cup Nature's Path Granola

Trail Mix

Any assortment of trail mix from the dry bins at your local stores

Patagonia Provisions

A truly sustainable source of amazing road trip foods. Click here.

Road Trip Shopping List

We try to buy from local sources as we travel, but otherwise stock up when you can at sustainable vendors you find along the way.

Must Have

Suggested Ingredients