San Diego Rescue Mission


Located in the heart of downtown San Diego, the San Diego Rescue Mission offers 10 different programs serving the local homeless population including 3 meals a day, short term and long term housing, job training and more. Want to help? They run entirely on donations so please consider making a donation today. A donation of only $41 will provide 20 meals to men, women, and children in need.


Every night, the Mission provides emergency overnight shelter to 60 women and children, many who are homeless or escaping domestic violence situations. Donor Relations Assistant, Crystal Hernandez, was one of those women. She had been living on the streets, using drugs, and lost custody of her children. But with the help of San Diego Rescue Mission was able to turn her life around. You never know what battles people have fought. Everyone deserves a second chance to be loved and supported in spite of their mistakes.


The shelter used to have only mattresses on the floor until a generous architect donated her time and services to creating a beautiful and inviting space. As lovely as it is, imagine trying to get a restful sleep in such a stressful situation. The architect tried to spend the night at the shelter in an act of solidarity, but had to leave when it became too overwhelming.


Families with children arrive with nothing but the clothes on their back and are provided with loving care and attention. They run entirely on donations, and need your help! On the top of the wishlist: socks, underwear in all sizes including plus sizes, large and extra large collared shirts for men, toiletries like shampoo, soap, razors, etc. You can check out this site to learn more about all the ways you can help.


Thank you to all the staff, volunteers, and donors of the San Diego Rescue Mission for all that you do to serve our neighbors in need.

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