Sustainable Fashion: Adam’s Picks

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My take, after researching sustainable fashion, is that when shopping for clothes we should be looking for brands that carry certifications, such as B Corp and Organic Cotton. Initially, I was wrapped up in thinking there could be one textile that trumps all other as "the sustainable textile".

Certifications exist to help take the guess work out of our purchases. If I want to buy a sustainable brand, I can use these certifications as a guide. They are stamps of approval given to companies that haven been vetted as sustainable.

Next time you buy some board shorts and you want to buy sustainably, consider buying a brand that is certified sustainable.

Here are some brands that I always consider when buying gear:

  1. Patagonia
    • Patagonia because it is truly vetted as a player in sustainability.
  2. prAna
    • prAna because they go out of their way to be a responsible company. Their pants are comfortable and very durable.
  3. Vissla
    • Vissla because they promote upcycling. Being in San Diego proper beach wear is a must. I like my beach wear sustainable and long lasting.

And a company I just discovered.

  1. United by Blue
    • They sell goods that are made responsibly and made to be durable. For every product sold, United by Blue removed one pound of trash from our worlds oceans and water ways.

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