Sustainable Fashion: Laura’s Picks

When it comes to sustainable fashion, the best thing is to avoid buying brand new. There is already so much perfectly good clothing out there looking for a new home. Whether you shop at your local thrift store, online subscription services, or swap with friends, gently used clothing is the way to go. I hope to share a post on some of these options in the near future.

That being said, I'm excited about the emerging world of sustainable fashion. There are so many companies out there that are reimagining the way we do business for the better, and I hope we can shift our economy towards a sustainable future. There are many factors that determine a company's overall sustainability, from sourcing eco-friendly fabrics to paying fair wages. There's no such thing as a "perfect" company, but the goal is to shift our money from unsustainable fast-fashion brands into companies who are trying to make a difference. Here are a few of my favorite sustainable fashion brands:

Patagonia is committed to environmental and social responsibility, minimizing their carbon footprint and promoting fair labor. They do a lot of work to protect our natural resources, and their clothes are meant to last a lifetime. Plus, they have a cute swimwear collection made with recycled polyester.
People Tree
UK based People Tree prides itself on Sustainable and Fair Trade Fashion. For over 25 years they have strived to improve ethical and environmental practices in the fashion industry.
Whether with organic cotton or recycled polyester, this atheleisure-wear brand aims to minimize its carbon footprint and produce Fair Trade certified clothing.
Through their One for One program, Toms provides shoes, vision care, water, and other services to people in need for every pair of shoes purchased. They also have a line of vegan shoes made with materials like hemp, cork, and canvas.
Matt & Nat
These stylish products are made of vegan materials including vegan leather and recycled cork.
Reformation's clothing is made with recycled fabric at their factory in California. They offer their workers fair wages, and aim to minimize their environmental impact. They just released a new petites collection, which is perfect for me at 5'-2"!
Raven + Lily
This certified B corp aims to alleviate global poverty by offering a sustainable income to producers around the world. They strive for transparency, and each item comes with a story of how and where it was made.
This company makes classic clothes designed to last, and aims for radical transparency. Their jeans are made at a LEED-certified denim factory that recycles 98% of its water.
Lily Lotus
This Hawaii-based company produces stylish yoga wear made in the USA using organic cotton.

1. Meriweather Hoody 2. Brooke Dungaree 3. Lahela Tunic 4. Deconstructed Alpargatas 5. Oliana Jumpsuit 6. Ruby Suede Mules 7. Westlake Dress 8. Stella Peep Toe Wedges 9. Ana Silk Tee 10. Tallowood Bikini Top 11. Hemp Pom Poms Sandals 12. Mid-Rise Skinny Jean 13. Chakra Balance Tank 14. Elixir Bra 15. Miriam Checked Trousers 16. Yami Backpack

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