We recently sat down with Aaron Taylor to chat about his experience in sustainable fashion. Growing up as a Southern California surfer, he learned at a young age to appreciate the importance of sustainability.

We talk about:

  • Sustainable fabrics and sourcing
  • Aaron's inspiration for pursuing sustainability
  • The obstacles and challenges that sustainable clothing companies face

Guest Bio

Aaron has many passions. Among them, sustainability. He is motivated to make a difference. He has owner experience in sustainable swimwear. His former family run company Odina, designed swimwear made from recycled plastics. He is a Southern California native who loves to throw on the boardies and swim into a sweet set.

Aaron’s passion for the environment started at a very young age. Growing up in Redondo Beach, California he got to see the effect that humans had on the environment first hand. From his 8th grade science experiment on rain water, to studying physics in school, to the plastic waste he saw in oceans across the globe, he knew something needed to be done. Wanting to find a way to pair his love for the environment, knowledge of science, and his passion for the surf community to all come together. In 2010 the sustainable brand Odina was born, meaning “divine creative inspiration”. Working with only organic and recycled materials, he developed a swimwear made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled fishing nets, cutting down the oceans waste, while spreading environmental awareness in the surf and swim community.

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