The Perfect Time to Meditate

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I understand, everyone is busy. I know I know. Finding time to meditate is tough and your days are jam packed with shit to do.

The great thing about meditation is that you can do it virtually anywhere.

You can meditate while walking, while eating, or while sitting waiting for the bus.

My intention is to make suggestions about how you can be more sustainable and offer up easy ways to implement these suggestions into your life.

If we were being honest with ourselves there are countless times throughout the day that we pick up our phones simply out of boredom. Maybe you are waiting at your local restaurant for a take out order. Instead of being content with sitting and keeping to yourself, you feel the strong urge to pick up your phone and browse Facebook. Or how about riding the bus to and from work when you “read” the news.

These are both perfect opportunities to spend a couple minutes meditating. No need to close your eyes or sit in the lotus position. Simply rest your palms on your knees and focus inward.

Next time you feel the urge to pick up your phone, meditate instead.

Update 5/30/18:

Coincidentally, after writing this post I came across the podcast that you see below. This is exactly what I am refering to. It turns out we need to let ourselves get bored. We need to take time for brains to digest and re-organize. I strongly encourage everyone to listen to the podcast below.

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