These are the behind the scenes heroes of sustainability

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Implementing sustainability requires more than a desire for change and a hope that someone else will make it happen. Sustainability requires hard work, innovation, intelligence, passion and science.

In our latest podcast, What Does Sustainability Mean?, we help listeners understand sustainability by providing them with some basic definitions. Our intentions are always to break down what we learn and teach it in small doses. The basics that we provide in our recent podcast episode will help lay a great foundation for understanding sustainability, but if you want that next level knowledge see these 4 article I found in the journal Sustainability.

  1. What is Sustainability?
  2. Bioremediation of Heavy Metals from Soil and Aquatic Environment: An Overview of Principles and Criteria of Fundamental Processes
  3. Towards Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment
  4. Agroecology in Mediterranean Europe: Genesis, State and Perspectives

There are people all over the world hard at work trying to solve our worlds economic, social and environmental problems. Reading the articles from the journal Sustainability makes me hopeful that we can solve our sustainability problems. Certainly, not all at once, but we are making progress. Smart people are putting their efforts towards solving issues related to water contamination from heavy metals and agricultural runoff, implementing sustainability into existing business models, the challenges with measuring sustainability and whether or not entire communities can run on 100% solar produced energy. Some of these hard working people are the authors listed in the articles I mentioned above. They are the behind the scenes heroes of sustainability.

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